Irony of Progress and Planet saving ideas.

The Irony of progress is that humanity continually creates things, via thought, in the pursuit of progression

that are only of use to humanity alone. From controlled fire, to flint tool, to spear, to sword to wheel.

From hunter gathering, to farming, to village, to town to city. From community to tribe, to country, to civilisation.

From production to eat, to trade, to commerce. From leader, to King, to queen, to dictator, to president. From collective

assistance, to religion, to war, to greed, to assumption of power.

Yes Progress belongs to humanity alone. The Planet has never needed progress, or saving, as progress is a thing created only

by, and named by, humanity.

The Planet has change in its nature, and this is the very nature of the sphere. Humanity has only progress, of its unnaturally

created inventions and ideas.

For example. The resources to bring a single mobile phone, or computer, its screen and paraphernalia to required for operation

are enormous.

From digging the chemicals and minerals from the earth. To transportation to various factory production. Transportation to

other production via a massive web of other factory facilities, into the final product and packaging.

Then to transportation to shop or distribution centre.

The workers of many facilities and many places, manager,clerk,operators,cleaners etc all travelling back and forth to produce

the product.

The workers driving the materials and product to final destination.

The workers flying around the Planet to sell the product.

The customer travelling to buy the product from the shop.

The resources spent delivering the product bought online. Road. Rail. Air.

Any product has a price to pay much larger than what is obvious in a quick profit made, cost to produce and buy then

to transport and eventually dispose of. The dominoes of production, use and disposal and progress.

Just a thought... The Planet really only needs saving from humanity and progress. It is not always a good thing, progress,

when the final cost to the Planet not just the quick Profit of humanity is taken into account and analysed. All creatures and living

things on Earth out number humanity vastly. Ironic how humanities progress threatens all of them and ironically humanity itself.

Might be worth remembering for the seller and buyer when upgrading physical items things just for the sake of a quick profit or whim.

Earth Progress