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1822 General Augustin de Ituride formally proclaims himself Emperor and overthrows a weak government.

1823 Republicans seized power declaring a republic in 1824.

1832 Santa Anna (Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna) becomes President.

War with the State of Texas (annexed in 1845 by the USA but still claimed by Mexico) escalated into the 1846-1848 Mexican War with the United States, after the USA was refused leave to purchase California and New Mexico. General Zachary Taylor invaded New Mexico and eventually in 1847 the Mexican capital fell to the USA forces. The USA then bought full and clear title to Texas, California and New Mexico for $15 million under the treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo which ended the war but saw Mexico losing half of it’s recognised territory.

1855 Civil war began to overthrow Santa Anna.

1858-1861 Forces led by Benito Juarez (Liberal) won the War Of Reform. However in 1864 conservatives with French assistance and troops, installed Maximillian of Austria as Emperor.

1867 Republican rule was restored Benito Juarez became President. French troops withdraw from Mexico and Maximillian shot by the Republicans.

1876 Porfirio Diaz became President after an armed rebellion.

1910 Rebellion (Mexican Revolution).

1911 Francisco Madero became President.

1913 General Huerta replaces the weak leadership with a dictatorship. United States intervention in the revolution. Allied with the Army of Carranza U.S. troops fought the peasant armies of Pancho Villa and Zapata.

1929 The Institutional Revolutionary Party formed.

1920-1930 Major Social and land Reforms leading to Liberal reforms, economic growth and better relations with the United States after World War Two. [ More]

Mexico rulers in history.


1440 Montezuma I

1502-1520 Montezuma II

Mexico Ruler

1521 - Hernan Cortes Spanish Conquistador

1535 - Country Made Vice-royalty of 'New Spain'

1821 - General Augustin de Ituride (Emporer)

1832 - Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (President)

1858 - Benito Juarez (President)

1920 - Alvaro Obregon (President)

1924 - General Plutarco Calles (President)

1864 - Maximillian of Austria (Emporer)

1867 - Benito Juarez (President)

1876 - Porfirio Diaz (President)

1910 - Mexican Revolution (1910-1940)

1911 - Francisco Madero

1913 - General Huerta (Dictator)

1915 - Venustiano Carranza (President)

1928 - Emilio Gil (President)

1930 - Ortis Rubio (President)

1932 - Rodrigez (President) [ More]

Mexico history notes
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2. Rulers of Mexico
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Mexico history notes
Rulers of Mexico