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1250 BC - Joshua begins conquest of Canaan.

1250-1200 BC - Hebrews conquer Canaan.

1200-1020 BC - Rule of the judges.

1020-100 BC - Saul becomes king of the Hebrew tribes.

1000-961 BC - The Reign of David.

961-922 BC - The Reign of Solomon.

922 BC With the death of Solomon the Kingdom of Israel is divided into the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

925 BC - Egypt invades Palestine.

722 BC - Assyria conquers Israel.

586 BC - Babylon conquers Judah.

586-539 BC - Babylonian Captivity of inhabitants.

539 BC - Exiles return from Babylon.

332 BC - 250 BC - Conquest of Jerusalem by Alexander the Great. - The Septuagint (The Old Testament) is published.

168 BC - Maccabean Revolt.

63 BC - Roman conquest of Jerusalem.

37-4 BC - 19-20 BC - Reign of Herod the Great. - Herod rebuilds temple in Jerusalem.

73 BC - The Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. - Jewish rebellions against Roman rule. - Fall of Masada.


The Birth of Jesus Christ. - Period of Jesus teachings and ministry.

Dear visitor,

Land is made of only earth and soil which has no mind or preference as to who should live upon it and never will. It has never been within nature itself to possess lines or marked territory only that which the human race in their own minds have decided should be made physical upon maps and across the ground with barbed wire borders and signs.

The culture of human religion states that all of this inert earth has been made by the creator of peace and light for the human race to live upon. Therefore if it has been promised to mankind the test of time is how mankind can actually share and mark out fairly the amount of space each tribe will need to continue.

Selfishness of self interest fails the test outright and the consequences are war and hate, have you all not already witnessed enough of that sort of thing? To us you all look quite the same (as Penguins may also look all the same to you) A pity you humans cannot all get along in peace as we do.

Yours to ponder and work out what sort of future you desire of the human race and can all live with.

Is & Pal cartoon penguin people note makers.

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