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Introduced by penguin persons General IS and PAL Knowledge :-)

Penguin Person Brothers, Israel and Palestine history note maker Buddy's.

History of the Land area known as Israel - Palestine.

Main events.

1500000 BC

Nomadic hunters live around the area, they shelter in caves and create basic hut structures.

Gradually over time, these people seek mutual protection by forming various organised Tribes and an array of various cultures develop.

They begin farming the land with food crops to supplement their hunting.

As in the rest of emerging basic civilisations elsewhere on the planet, a conflict of ideas, ideal ways to live life and territorial rights begin between the various tribes.

8000 BC

Houses were made of mud and brick have been created in circular form.

Small villages such as Jericho started to expand, gradually evolving into city states, with the increasing union of various nomadic populations.

Shrines are made for good luck and various religious beliefs develop.

6000 BC

Villages have now been formed in many other areas, as very hot weather creates water shortages and many nomadic tribes are forced to settle.

They create more complex dwelling places out of mud brick, stone and plaster, that are enclosed for protection by stone walled courtyards.

Bronze Age (Early) The Biblical Age of Human History begins.

The tribe of Canaan (Canannnites) occupy the area of land which is named after them.

The name of Canaan for this land eventually changes to Palestine, as the Phoenicaian tribe occupy land adjacent to Canaan as do the Philistine (sea people) tribe.

The area becomes more and more a centre for trade, by way of migration routes that link three vast continents, religious and cultural life mixes and expands rapidly, which leads to the area being used as a battleground by various nations, empires and cultures in a bid for dominance of the local geography... An ongoing situation.

Bronze Age (Middle) The Bible begins with the book of Genesis.

1950 BC

Abraham leaves Ur for Canaan.

1600 BC

Hebrews move to Egypt.

1570-1280 BC

Hebrews enslaved in Egypt.

1280 BC

Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt (Exodus).

1280-1250 BC

Hebrews wander in the Wilderness. [ More]

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