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Hello human wretch... my name is Furtive Von Flatulence. I work for the very evil Shadow Master, The Dark Void. I try to steal the Cartoon Buddy Time Club records, piece by piece for him, when I can get my hands on them that is.

Find a whiff of me hidden within the web-site and you may earn a medal (for cadet hunters) and older beings can find interesting links to secret' places in the world, these are links to various web-sites, that I have obtained from the cartoon buddy club files.

To find me, clues :-

I Put in spelling mistakes and other odd things on the web-site. These are the only clues you may have (until smello-vision, computer ism is invented). Best of luck. But you will never find me hidden within these web-pages. Or maybe, you will?

If you really cannot be bothered with searching through this web site to find me, then you can really be like me and cheat click on no 2.

evil cartoon character evil cartoon crest

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