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Introduced by penguin General Arty Work and Ms Mural Brush Knowledge :-)

Both an art History Buddy.

Showcase the school mascot inside of your own creative thinking caps?

The Art Gallery of Ms Mural Brush and Mr Arty Work.

Welcome to The Art Gallery


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Did you know? We have a school mascot creation concept and is open to any seat of learning that may wish to participate (Under strictly teacher supervision only) and you may create your own simple to draw Cartoon Buddy Mascot and Give it your own name.You can use your own School logo, or country flag to identify the character's jacket, and use any Buddy character name that you have thought up yourselves (Please do not use any existing names from this Web-site in an exclusive manor for personal profit making).

The Cartoon Buddy Time Club invite any created Cartoon Buddy Mascots created by any bona-fide School web sites and via the teaching staff only to be included within this web sites Hall of School Mascots. Please contact the webmaster of the cartoon buddy club and the image will be copied from your own school web page and upload it to the Cartoon Buddy Time Club page. Under the image please indicate the Character name and your School Name. If you would like the image to link to your school web-pages please state this in your e.mail.

* This project has been created for your own amusement and creativity only.

A previous school mascot created in the United States

Students from the Freedom High School USA have in the past adapted our Patriot Cartoon Penguin Character into human form for their Navy Cadet Program. This was their own animation. Well done. A Good job. This image was first located within their special recognition school web-page.

patriot school cartoon character cartoon art work brush

If you think you can do one as good as this or better have a go.


* - Please Note - *

This web site or the cartoon buddy club does not seek to create any form of ties, with any educational establishments, and only wishes to promote general cartoon friendship and world peace through non political, and non religion specific creativity.


Every effort has been made to ensure that this concept and all aspects of the site are copyright issue or offence free. If however you should feel that any aspect of this site offends or infringes any of your existing copyrights or intellectual property whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact the club.

The Cartoon Buddy Time Club reserve all rights to various character names and their format/matter in development on this Cartoon Story Concept web-site and published books.

Monty cartoon buddy born of pencil 1973 - resurrected within the Internet

virtual world 2000

cartoon character art mural brush

Art history notes - Page 3
1. Mona Lisa * 2. Leonardo Davinci * 3. Art Gallery

Art history notes - Page 3
1. Mona Lisa * 2. Leonardo Davinci * 3. Art Gallery