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Introduced by General Local Yokel Knowledge :-)

Country Bumpkin, Human speech History Buddy.

Hello Buddy... You human beings are all the same you know, no matter what part of this planet you may come from, what colour you may be, or what language you may speak. Your inner genetic make up is all the same, that is, the DNA. in your own bodies, that is the basic building blocks to all human life.

Therefore, you are all, really brothers and sisters of a distant nature. So, built the same and at the dawn of your human races time, all of you would have spoken the same language,very much like the story of Babel from the Bible.

However, as the first humans spread across this planet and formed their own tribes and leaders of those tribes. Many new languages were formed and still are being formed today.

English for example, although spoken throughout the planet, has many new words added regularly, as the youth develop their own words for things and even the local areas in Britain have their own speech meanings, that may differ from the regular English language.

As language is so local an issue, some areas of this web-site may use wording by the characters that you may find incomprehensible if you are using translation software. So. Our Colloquial Local Yokel is on hand to help you understand what the local meanings are from some of the local phrases used by this web-site cartoon characters. But this really is a 'Take With A pinch of salt page' and not all the Penguin People, may have fully mastered the meaning of all your human language.

Human Beings local Phrase History.

Phrase... H'ow Do... Is UK West-country (Cornwall Area) means Hello.

Phrase... Cobber.... Is Australian means Mate or Friend.

Phrase... Bang on old thing.... Is UK upper-class, means Absolutely correct, carry on, or can mean excellent.

Phrase... Lets kick some butt.... Is USA, means let us get tough by striking a bottom with a foot.

Phrase... I kiss you all twice... Relates to typical French greeting of a kiss on both cheeks (of the face).

Phrase... Don Sit On That Cactus My friend... Mexico, relates to do not rest upon the natural Plant of the new world that flourishes in the arid desert areas and may be bearing lovely flowers but has an extremely sharp protective coating of thorn protrusions.

All human peoples speak and act differently according to their development of national and local tribes. These differences should be celebrated through the

medium of humour, and not manipulated as a tool for control of thought and mind.

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