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Introduced by penguin General IS and PAL Knowledge :-)

Penguin Person Brothers, Israel and Palestine history note maker Buddy's.

Hello Buddy... we are both Cartoon Buddy Club Penguin People Characters, I am called Is and this is my Penguin Person brother Pal.

Yes, thank you Is... we are both quite busy these days, but we do like to have a guitar jamming session during dinner times, and that old Beatles song We Can Work It out' is our most favourite tune to sing together.

Welcome to our Note pages on this part of your own human world Buddy'.

No Time for fussing and fighting my friends

- Mr Lennon and Mr McCartney -

Our history notes

In Time, is The Great Test Of Time. Peace.

Many millions of years ago, at the very dawn of time here on this Planet Earth (but, so it says in our own Penguin People legend book, quite a long while after the Void of Darkness was banished by the spirit of good and light), there was created a single, huge land mass, located in Earth's southern hemisphere. Today, that single land mass is called by you humans, Gondwanaland.

This huge island that was formed on the Earths crust, eventually cracked into many pieces and slowly moved through the vast Ocean (as it still is today) to create the map outline of this World, that is painted here in your own present day time.

All living things that had been and have been created, eventually evolved on the land and around the Ocean of Gondwanaland. So the ancestors of all living things today, (including the reader of this page), throughout human and Earths time, have evolved from this single, peaceful, border less island.

Today, this particular area of the Planet Earth and map of that fragmented island that we both like and take History notes of, has moved to and is now situated on, the East shore of the Mediterranean sea.

What makes it such an interesting a place for we Penguin People to visit, is because of the importance (that cannot be underestimated), that this area of land holds, to all of your human history, civilisations and development.

The area has been the land link to three vast new continents formed by a shifting Gondwanaland Island and since early man first walked the Earth, as both Neanderthal and then Homosapien. All human migration, then trade routes have flowed through this fertile place.

The earliest human alphabet was created in this area and was spread through these migration and trade routes to other lands and cultures that had formed in other places by passing through it.

So too were the various religious messages and books of peace to mankind written and enacted here, to be spread throughout the Planet.

So much so, that it is called and considered to be, the Holy Land by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim human faiths and religions. [ More]

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Israel and Palestine history notes - Page 1
1. Gondwanaland
2. Moses to Solomon
1500000 BC to Bible
4. Canaan to Christ

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