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European Union history notes

Introduced by penguin General Starry EU Eyed.

Hello Buddy... Although there is not now nor has there ever been a single Nation in existence called and being Europe (it is a continent containing the borders of many Nations) there is now a political flag that symbolises the trading partnership of the trading, political and social experiment that combines many independent Nations within the framework called The European Union. I cannot unfortunately wear the flag until its a recognised independent Nation although Nationalism toward the flag and continent is encouraged politically by humans.

Political flags themselves are not new in history. Russia had the Hammer and sickle symbol of the Soviet Union for many years, Germany had the Swastika Symbol of the National Socialist party for many years. Neither using the traditional National flags while re-forming the countries under them into new political entities. Each of the political systems under these flags of course were all very different from each other depending upon the policies followed by their leaders.

Today the EEC (European Economic Community) has been changed by political treaty over the years to the new EU (European Union) with the simple trading partnership becoming a full political partnership, with Civil Servants pooled from all over the included countries working for the European Union Parliament in Brussels and many Organisations created under the banner to regulate all aspects of daily life for the Citizens of the project. It is noted that the actual political change and dependence upon a foreign central government administration with the various departments responsible for daily life was agreed between politicians and never voted upon by democratic vote, although a vote for Members of the European Parliament (Not the commission overseeing the Parliament or President) is allowed by ordinary people. No consideration for a single, or more countries whose democratic process may in the future have wished to exit this agreement smoothly and within a pre agreed strategy without conflict of interest was included in the signing. Only a limited time frame of doing so. A basic ‘error’ as any country wishing to remove itself after so deeply embedding into the administration would obviously be the cause of much political and social conflict.

Being both a trading and political organisation Money from all member states is pooled and distributed into many projects designed to enhance the lives of ordinary people, also it is policy to encourage the transfer of industry and unemployed or low paid workers to alternative Nations within the EU borders. There is at present no uniform house prices, wage, working and living conditions or medical/pension structures within all the member countries. So free movement to a better nation structure is encouraged as a right. And this is also a source of much contention within individual nations who have and have not the structures in place for quality of life.

With so much power the EU has the possibility of doing so much good. Or not. That is up to the politicians, as much as that the people of Europe are somewhat split to the idea of so much power being outside of their ability to vote for their own opinions and the possible creation of a single Political Superstate Union that overrules individual nations laws, policies, trade and borders. Some are happy to be part of the new Club of Countries, some see it as a danger.

As an example a referendum in the United Kingdom saw a leave the club vote. Also a large proportion of this population wanted to stay in the club.

The questions here arose, as those who lost the vote wanted another referendum, what is democracy if a result of any vote is not honoured? Whoever won or lost the next referendum would not accept that result either and call for yet another catch 22.

So who will put the house of Europe in order so peace will flourish? There is apparently yet to be a singular politician to step forward with the ability to allay all the fears and disagreements between peoples and change the system and not also fear for his or her own personal employment after a political career and payment of wages by the State. The Presidents past and present or Commission has yet to do so. It is also beyond the Parliaments Limited powers. So Europe, the entire World and time must wait and see how the economic, political and social experiment develops or indeed ends as there is a limited supply of Nations contributing funds as much as the copious supply benefiting. As leaving the club is frowned upon the politicians speak of consequences, threatening trouble and strife for the leaver, civil and economic disruption. So if the EU were to become by treaty the Earth United Global entity it would be the same. You have no choice. In or being out. Much good could be done, or much evil in the name of democracy. Depends really on who is elected in this new World Empire. A new Rome run by the biggest Caesars. Of funds from the citizens. Something to think about.  

Trouble and strife? Not to worry. The European Economic Community evolved by design into the European Union. Next it will be the Earth Union. One single trading block controlling every aspect of everyday life, laws and every flag all under one single blue starred flag. Run by a single council and parliament. Arguments will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the next phase everyone. You have no choice.
General Starry EU Eyed.